10 Common Misconceptions about Takeaway Food

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We recently debunked the most common myths about foodies, so now we are going to take a closer look at some of the many misconceptions about ordering and enjoying the takeaway food.

Takeaway food is not tasty

Some foodies may believe that takeaways can never deliver a delicious culinary experience, but this is not the case anymore with a growing number of gourmet takeaway services such as ChefOnline now available. There is a huge range of tasty meals from highly reputable chains and franchises that can be delivered to your door at any time, any day of the week.

Fast food meat has dangerous chemicals

There is a common misconception that meat in a takeaway meal is not the same quality as meat in regular home cooked and dine in dishes. This myth has been perpetuated by the belief that fast food hamburgers do not degrade over time. Many takeaway outlets are also restaurant chains and they must meet health and safety standards to operate.

Takeaway salads are always the healthy option

While opting for a salad when ordering your takeaway may be tempting if you want a healthy option, you may not know that they could contain as many calories as a medium-sized pizza. Dressings and oil are usually the main culprits, while cheese and meats add to the saturated fat content.

Long term consumption can lead to addiction

Do not worry about becoming addicted to takeaways if you enjoy a weekly Chinese, Thai, or pizza. It also needs to be stressed that fast food outlets do not put any secret additive ingredients into their food that forces you to go back for more. As long as you opt for a balanced diet, takeaways can be a tasty, enjoyable, and excellent alternative to home cooked meals.

Takeaway food makes you fat

The previous point leads into this one as takeaway food will not make you fat by default. Several factors influence weight gain including the body’s natural metabolic rate, so enjoying a favourite takeaway dish will not automatically lead to you piling on the pounds. Again, enjoying everything in moderation is the best way to be a foodie and takeaway enthusiast.

Takeaway food is unhealthy

Takeaway food is not any more unhealthy than ready meals, dine in dishes, or home cooked meals. Many Asian takeaway dishes are packed with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds that will contribute to your recommended five-a-day. There are a wealth of takeaways that should not be termed as “junk” food.

There is little choice

This misconception could not be further from the truth as there are a massive variety of food types available when ordering online.

Foodies never eat takeaways

If someone says they have never eaten or enjoyed a takeaway, then they are probably lying! The low cost and convenience of ordering a meal online and having it delivered is something that should be embraced by everyone from time to time. After all, it is not always easy to source all the food you need for the week from a local organic store or outlet.

Restaurants are better experience than takeaways

This is subjective but there is no reason why having a takeaway cannot be just as an enjoyable experience as dining in a restaurant. For example, you cannot curl up on the sofa and watch a TV show with a restaurant meal or enjoy it in the summer in the back garden while sunbathing. Takeaways are flexible and can be eaten anywhere at your convenience. They are great for those midnight cravings too!

Takeaways are cheap for a reason

Takeaways are often cheaper than dining out, but the value for money is often much greater than restaurant meals and you are likely to get larger portions too. As mentioned earlier, the price has no bearing on the quality of the takeaway food you eat.


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