15 Myths about foodies online

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Must be a chef or have a full-time career in the food industry

A foodie is generally defined as someone who is a food fanatic, and there is no reason why this should be limited to those working full-time in a food-related field. Anyone from teachers to construction workers can be just as passionate about their love for gourmet meals and quality food.

Only shop at organic stores

Organic stores can be great for natural products that are free of synthetic additives, but they are not a prerequisite for clean, healthy, and tasty food. Sourcing fruit and veg from local stores can produce equally good results for a fraction of the cost.

Must not eat frozen or canned products

Canned produce can be just as tasty and satisfying as other forms of food depending on the meal or occasion. If you are a foodie, you do not have to throw away your favorite can of rice pudding or frozen vegetables.

Must eat out regularly

Eating out is fun and a great way to taste the new cuisine, but you do not have to do it five times a week.

Must be non-vegetarians

Yes, you can be a vegetarian and a foodie. There is a huge range of delicious combinations of food that do not require meat and you do not have to give up your veggie credentials to enjoy the best of what is on offer.

Must have very expensive kitchens

While a luxury kitchen is something many of us desire, it is not essential for foodies to have all the latest utensils, equipment, and a state of the art oven and hob to get results. Just the basics are often enough to cook up delicious meals every day.

Must love wine

Wine is a staple at many dinner tables due to wine and food matching and the belief that it enhances the dining experience. However, taste and enjoyment are subjective, so this is not always the case. Do not feel bad about going for a glass of water instead, it will not make you any less a foodie.

Must have a huge collection of cookbooks

The latest Jamie Oliver cookbook will definitely provide more ideas about the best 15-minute meals to cook, but foodies do not have a hoard a huge selection of cookbooks to qualify as a food fanatic.

Must know the ins and outs of gastronomy

Molecular gastronomy is all about the social, artistic, and technical nature of food science, but it is not required in order to cook up and enjoy a good meal. Even Heston Blumenthal believes the subject is “complicated” and “elitist”.

Must be a MasterChef fan

MasterChef is a foodie’s go to TV resource, but if you are not enamored with the sight of Gregg Wallace and his “buttery biscuit base” then don’t worry. Maybe try the Great British Bake Off instead.

Must always pronounce meal names correctly

We know it is hard getting the names of French and Italian dishes down to a tee. I mean who can pronounce boeuf bourguignon correctly, right?

Must take stunning photos of every meal

Sharing snaps on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is all the rage, but you do not have to build up a collection of images to showcase your love for food to the world.

Must run a blog

Similarly, it is not a prerequisite to writing about all of your experiences to be a foodie. Just enjoying delicious meals in the moment is more than enough.

Must be able to deflect food criticism with ease

You do not always have to have a perfect answer when someone enquires about a dish or why it went wrong.

Must be a caviar fan

Caviar is a salt-cured fish-egg delicacy, but your claim to be a foodie will not be in doubt if you fail to know the difference between a Balik salmon cut or fine truffles.

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