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Do you enjoy a sumptuous meal in the comfort of your place minus ordering for what you want preciously without the long and boring instructions you keep on repeating to get it right? Do you want to avoid the frustration of getting the wrong meal delivered to your doorstep after the tiresome conversation you had just to make sure your order would be delivered the way you wanted?

Your frustration is valid. And there is a good news for people who are frustrated with this age old system of ordering on phone. Sure it was a great thing and Alexander Graham Bell deserves all the accolade for inventing such an incredible piece of technology, however, technology has moved forward and has bestowed us with newer and more precise ways of ordering meals from home. Which is online ordering system. Yes, now you can order your meals online from your home using your phone, tablet, laptop or your PC. Actually, you don’t even necessarily have to be at your place, you can order from anywhere with an internet access, even on your way home in tube or maybe while you’re biking at dawn.

The next valid question is, from where you should order online? Since now there’s more than an online platform for ordering online in the UK. But you are more likely to choose that offers you the best ordering features. Features like ordering from restaurants and takeaways close to the place you want to choose, looking up restaurants specializing in the cuisines you are interested in and maybe you want to book a table for sometimes later. The best choice would be finding a platform that plays fair to you and to the restaurants and takeaways you are ordering from. And among all the online ordering platforms in the UK, there is only one that plays fair both to you and the restaurateurs. It is Chefonline. is an UK based online ordering system that does not charge you an extra fee for the meals you order. So, you are getting a free service and the best features you can expect from a good online ordering platform.

Finding Restaurants and Takeaways Near You

Well, it is often a struggle and most of the time it is hard to find a restaurant or takeaway near your place when you are looking for one that serves particular cuisines you want to order. Or maybe a good reservation. Chefonline makes that really easy for you. You can look up for restaurants and/or takeaways near you or near any particular place just by using the postcodes, town or city names from any corner of UK.

Ordering By Cuisines
Form ChefOnline you can look up for restaurants and/or takeaway services based on the types of cuisines they serve and are close to the location you are searching from. This spares you a lot of trouble of going through the menu of menus of all the restaurants and takeaways near you.

Ordering Delivery
when you are feeling like you want nothing to do with the outside world on some day, and want your food delivered directly to your doorstep, you can totally trust Chefonline with that one. Place your delivery order on Chefonline, you can place any notes or recommendations you want without the hassle of shouting over the phone while placing your order. And wait for 45 minutes to an hour for your piping hot meal delivered to your doorstep. 

Ordering Collection
It is often more convenient to collect the takeaway orders from a restaurant or takeaway of choice. Many often choose to pick up their meal on their way home from work or during other occasions. You can easily look up and order from restaurants and takeaways that offer collection facility from Chefonline.

Making Reservations
Sometimes you do feel like eating out. And chances are when you are feeling like eating out, you are not the only person in the whole UK to think so. It is highly likely that the restaurant you have in your mind appeals many other prospective diners like you. The best way to make sure you actually get a table there is by securing a prior reservation. And it is rather easy from ChefOnline website. You don’t even need to sign up. All you have to do along with mentioning the date and time of reservation and number of guests are providing your name, email and phone number. You can also add special requests if you have any.

The Special Offers!
Gone are the days of collecting fliers from restaurants and takeaways with the “special offers” and “discounts” printed on those. You can use the space for storing binders filled cover to cover with flyers when you can find all the latest offers from the restaurants and takeaways you like right in Chefonline. Chefonline is not just the platform for ordering, but also it is the platform from where you can learn about what is going on with your favorite restaurants and takeaways.

Tired of browsing Chefonline from your mobile browser? You don’t have to do that! There is a ChefOnline app for both Android and Apple devices. You can easily access the service of Chefonline without worrying about the browser and have a sleek and smooth ordering experience.

Find Chefonline on Social Media!
You can track Chefonline on social media. You don’t necessarily need to be a restaurateur to follow Chefonline on Social Media outlets. They often post updates that on social media platforms that might be useful to you as well. You can find Chefonline on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.

Chefonline has something to offer everyone, whether you are an avid foodie or someone who just needs to eat to survive. They serve everyone’s purpose. And that is why they have become really popular so quickly.

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