Curry Masala – The Variations will drive you INSANE!

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Britain is a land of culinary lovers. You are either a full-time foodie or a passionate cook. Wherever in the food spectrum you claim to be in, there are certain dishes which, despite not originating in the UK, became a regular name for Britons. It is also believed and well proven, that having been inspired from global spices and culinary techniques, we have developed our own lovable version of a lot of dishes.

Have it with rice, flatbreads, or a roti, toss in some veggies or meat and sprinkle some herbs and spices, or have it just like that! Yes, we are talking about the super tasty and ever-popular ‘curry’. It is believed that origin of curry has been in Scotland back in the fifties. Curry is a preparation from the Indian sub-continent which is prepared like a sauce and can be made into different types of dishes.

What is the recipe for a curry?

It could be manifold.

The beauty of Curry is that it is prepared in every part of India with every region having its own distinct recipe. The spices and ingredients added to curries depend upon the availability of spices, vegetables, cereals, meat and of course, the food preferences of the people of that region.

The benefits of having curries extend well beyond its taste. Curries are made with a mix of spices/herbs like turmeric, cumin, pepper, cloves, carom, dry red chillies, and coriander, to name a few. These are storehouses of health as they aid in digestion, strengthen gut health and immunity, and boost our general well-being.

Different recipes and use of varied ingredients

Curries are usually water-based, with milk, yoghurt, and cream being added to curries in most parts of Northern India while coconut-milk is abundantly used down South.

In the state of Bengal, mustard seeds, mustard oil and poppy seeds are predominantly used in all regional recipes and the state contributes to some excellent fish cuisines.

Undhiyu is a sweet-tangy Gujarati dish which incorporates the wholesome of spices and vegetables like eggplants, tomatoes, tomatoes, carrots and other green vegetables. Spices are added and usually, this vegetable is cooked in an earthen pot which imparts it an even more tasteful flavour.

Rajasthan cuisine uses a lot of dry spices like dry chillies owing to the arid weather of the region. Lal Maas, a very popular meat curry, hails its origin from Rajasthan.

Going towards the beaches, Vindaloo is a curry dish from Goa. Made of pork and an amalgamation of spices like garlic, this dish is internationally acclaimed and enjoyed by people all over the world.

The list of Indian curries cannot be complete without the mention of Rogan Josh, a jewel from the Kashmiri kitchens. The authentic dish comprises of the Kashmiri Lamb which is simmered in a concoction of spices and herbs.

In the region of Tamil Nadu, down south, preparation of freshwater fish and seafood is quite common. Curry leaves, tamarind, ginger, garlic and coconut are the main ingredients in almost all curries prepared in the state.

The best part about cooking a curry is that you can select your own gamut of spices, vegetables, and meat ingredients. I’m sure you are now ready to cook your own curry recipe using the choicest of ingredients to fix up a spectacular dish!

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