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There is nothing like a delicious curry to wake your taste buds up and make your day. For centuries, India has become this beautiful blend of cultures thanks to people of different ethnicities coming in and making the land their home. They brought along their culture with them which added to the long list of the delicious Indian food items that the nation has to offer.

One of the food items in this list is the curries. The curries make an integral part of the Indian cuisine and it is something that is consumed by the Indians and Pakistanis on a daily basis.

Below are some of the best curries that India has to offer:


This label stems from the word achar, which is the Hindi/Urdu word for the pickle. These chicken, lamb meat, or beef curry dishes are made with pickling spices. The spices that commonly used in this curry are turmeric, fenugreek, black onion seeds, chili powder (usually from Kashmir), along with fennel, cumin, and mustard seeds. To the mixture, we add the mustard seed oil that is an important ingredient of the achari curry. You can find the delicious Achari Chicken and Achari Lamb dish from various Indian restaurants in ChefOnline. Dine-in or takeaways, ChefOnline offers tasty Indian curries in your reach. 


This is another heavenly dish that is made up of spices being fried in a lot of oil. To the mixture, the meat is added and then left to cook slowly in its own juice. This is more of a spicy and flavorful dish rather than being saucy, so make sure to order a delicious bowl and deal with it. You can find great assortments of Balti dishes such as Balti Masala, Tikka Balti, Chicken Masala Balti, Balti Chilli Masala, even Balti King Prawn and Balti Mix Vegetables in ChefOnline's wide array of Indian restaurants and takeaways. 


This is also what we call bhuna curry. This means that the spices that are to be added in the curry will be first fried in oil before the main ingredient is added, in this case, it is okra. This is a much drier option of curry which will require you to order a side of a saucier dish. However, if you are an okra lover, keep your stomach empty and your hands ready because this is going to be a dish that will have you reaching for second helpings. This is especially good with roti, however, you can have this with lentil and rice too. There are several restaurants who offer wonderful Bhindi dishes you can choose from, such as Bhindi Bhaji, Bhindi Daal etc. 

Bombay chicken

Owing to the name of its origin city (also called Mumbai), this chicken curry is often known to include vinegar and coconut, that has been desiccated. First a light stock is made with the entire chicken, and then the bones and skin are discarded. After this spices, along with vinegar, and coconut are added.

If all this has had you drooling and you cannot wait to get your hands on these delicacies, then your taste buds craves the curries and you should hop on over to them. Visit www.chefonline.co.uk to select your nearby Indian restaurant and takeaway. This place has the most amazing dishes for you to choose from which will have you coming back again and again.

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