Indian Snacks and Starters - Heart Warming and Delicious!

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Indians are best known for their hospitality and they welcome their guests with a sumptuous spread of starters and snacks. Time-tested recipes that are made with love and loads of spices are enjoyed by the old and the young alike. Samosa, pakoda, cutlets, nimki, and papadis are some of the authentic snacks that are deep-fried and are served with accompaniments like salads and chutneys.

Indians are lavish with their use of spices and deep-frying makes the dish tasty and irresistible. As for calories, they have to be burned to balance out the greasy intake of food. Dhoklas, khakhras, tikkis, and kebabs are also some non-fried snacks that are popular items in Indian homes. These snacks are steamed, roasted or cooked on the gridle/tawa to maintain a healthy quotient.

Potato is an ingredient found in most of the Indian snacks and vegetables and boiled and added to many dishes. Flour is another ingredient that is used to coat a mixture of vegetables and potato. Oil and clarified butter are added to flour to make crisp bread or provide a crunchy coating to dishes on deep-frying.

Let’s discuss something very tasty!

The samosa!

You can rank it the no.1 choice for snacks that all Indians like to enjoy and relish. This starter’s cooking recipe has travelled the world and the samosa is eaten by people worldwide. The snack consists of a crisp pastry crust and the filling comprises of potato, vegetables, and some spices. The pastry crust is made of white flour to which salt and oil are added which lends it the crusty texture on frying.

For the filling, you can select your choice of ingredients namely onions, potato, peas, lentils and other vegetables. All of these are cooked in oil and spices and seasonings are added at the end. Once the filling gets cooled, they are stuffed inside the pastries and sealed securely. Pour sufficient oil in a wok/kadhai and heat it till moderately hot. Now slowly fry the samosas in the hot oil till they are crisp and golden brown. Take care that the outer crust does not remain uncooked.

Samosas are similar deep-fried snacks are best enjoyed with sweet and tangy tamarind or coriander chutneys.

And a cup of tea?

Life could not be better!

Off late, we find a slight shift in the cooking style of these traditional recipes. People are substituting deep-frying with other cooking mediums like baking, steaming, and roasting. More of salads and vegetable sautéed starters are being incorporated in party menus which have superfoods like chia seeds, bulgar, quinioa, oats as their ingredients. As for the traditional recipes, they are going to stay in the hearts and taste palettes of the Indians for times to come.  

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