London’s Favourite Takeaway Dishes Revealed!

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The Brits have finally revealed their preferred takeaway dishes and what they would love to order. With an incredible assortment of cuisines on offer, expect to have a lot of variety. And you would be surprised to know that fish & chips didn’t make it to the top this time. Rather, Chinese food emerges to be the top takeaway food in London.

Chinese’s a Hot Favourite

A good segment of Chinese food lovers has voted dumplings and dim sums as their comfort food on a Friday night. Forget noodles and relish on delicious Scallop Shumai or Venison Puffs. Popular takeaway classics include Chicken in Black Bean Sauce and Sesame Prawn Toast. Some eateries have been continuously experimenting with their recipes to offer the best. And you can be lucky enough to take back some mouth-watering Salt N Pepper Squid, Crispy Beef, Duck Spring Rolls and Beijing Duck. Sushi also stands top among popular takeaway food in London.

Wondering where to buy authentic Chinese takeaway delicacies? Golden Dragon makes it to the top, followed by China Garden, Jade Garden, Great Wall, Taste of China and Happy House. Let us know if you find some awesome Chinese eateries with great food and quality.

Indian Cuisine Stands 2nd in the List

This is surprising but true. Indian takeaway food comes in second, offering an amazing variety and delectable taste. London has always been known for superb Indian food and now, it has made its place in the hearts of the British as well. While Biriyani with Raita continues to be a hit among foodies, there are many other delectable choices. For a good selection of Kebabs and Indian bread & rice, Saffron at Upper Berkeley Street is a preferred choice.     

The Taj Mahal Restaurant at 9 Petersham Road is allegedly the “best curry house in Richmond.” Hot favourites among the Brits include Tandoori dishes, Chicken Madras and Peshawri Naan. Other popular Indian takeaways in London are Taste of India, Bengal Spice and Spice of India.   

Pizzas for Friday Night!

It’s Friday night – time to make merry with friends. How about having lip-smacking pizzas at home? Yes, Italian pizza makes it to the third in the list of most popular takeaway food in London. Pizza King and Pizza GoGo are great choices if you love it huge with thick topping and crispy crust. For pizza connoisseurs who prefer wood-fired, slow-risen delicacies, Franco Manca is a big hit.

Firezza and Domino’s top the chart with crispy & pillow-like crust, thick topping and great quality. Firezza’s incredible variety of toppings is worth appreciating.

Fish and Chips, English and Italian food holds a good percentage of craze among takeaways. Burgers continue to be in vogue, with Cheeseburgers from Five Guys in London topping the chart. The British do love Mexican and Thai, but when it comes to takeaway, these cuisines take a backseat. 

According to a recent poll of 2000 British food aficionados, 57% call up the takeaway joint to order food. 25% of them would prefer walking to the eatery, while 18% use online food ordering app for delivery. 

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