Revealed: the 13 food hacks that will change your life forever

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Everybody loves a life hack, but did you know that there are also a wealth of cost and time-saving tips for foods? Here is a rundown of the best food hacks.

1. Recycling citrus peels

Rather than throwing away orange and cucumber peels, chuck them into a big bottle of water to create a homemade flavoured drink. This will cut down on excess waste and add a little twist to tap water.

2. Freeze bread

Freezing bread ensures that it won’t go out of date or become mouldy. This means that you can dip into your freezer at any time and defrost a loaf for fresh toast.

3. Seal crisps without a clip

Using a peg or clip to keep your big bag of crisps fresh is quick and easy, but it may not always work. Imgur user SlimJones123 has found a new folding technique that actually creates an airtight seal to ensure that they don’t go stale so quickly.

4. Mash fruit for jam

If you’ve run out of a jam, don’t panic. Rather than buying a new jar, mash some of the fruit that you have and smother it across your toast. Sprinkle sugar on top to finish and consume for a homemade treat.

5. Flavoured milk for plain cereal

Rather than buying flavored cereal for kids, which can often be very high in sugar, opt for a strawberry or chocolate flavoured milk to add a twist to standard cornflakes and Rice Krispies.

6. Peel boiled eggs quickly

Peeling the shell of boiled eggs can be a rather messy and long-winded task, but vloggers have come up with a new method that uses a sealed jar and a good old-fashioned shake to remove the outer layer in less than 20 seconds. Just think of the time that you could save if you have an egg for breakfast each morning.

7. Seal food without expensive equipment

Serious Eats has detailed a method that allows you to create an airtight seal food using just water and a freezer bag.

8. Freeze butter with herbs and garlic

Fancy some garlic butter on chicken? Rather than buying expensive alternatives, crush garlic into stubs of butter and freeze them. You can then melt it on the stove when making a meal.

9. Ripper for longer bananas

Bananas can go from ripe to inedible in just a few short days, so any methods for keeping them fresh for longer is welcomed. According to Box Your Lunch, wrapping each end of a banana with tape will ensure that they remain yellow and ripe for longer, which is great if you only buy fruit once a week.

10 .Slicing tomatoes quickly

Chopping up veg is a task that can take quite a while, depending on your cookery skills. To cut down on the time to chop up tomatoes individually, use two lids from plastic containers. Load the tomatoes up between each lid and slice through the middle with a serrated knife for multiple vegs in an instant.

11. Get rid of garlic

Garlic overstays its welcome after a delicious meal, but you don’t have to lunge for a breath mint to freshen up. According to Lifehacker, eating citrus fruits, apples, parsley, spinach, basil or milk will also rid you of the garlic taste immediately.

12. Leftover wine

It can be tempting to chuck away leftover glasses and bottles of wine following a boozy night in with friends, but there is another alternative. If you grab your ice cube tray and freeze the remaining liquid, you will be able to use the cubes when cooking a meal. Don’t worry – when dropping one or two into a hot pan, the wine will melt instantly.

13. Soak red onions

You can soak red onions in a bowl of cold water if you don’t want them to taste quite as strong. 

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