Six unexpected uses for online food ordering

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Eating the food you buy online is the conventional way to make the most of your weekly shop, but what if you wanted to expand your horizons and explore some other unexpected uses? Here are some tips for how to make your online purchases go further.

Wine and cheese tasting evening

Wine tasting evokes thoughts of swirling a splendid petit rouge in a glass in the Alps or Bordeaux, but you could arrange an impromptu evening in your own home for friends and family by purchasing the best vintage online. There are a huge number of wines to purchase from the leading supermarkets and other outlets, and you could even mix and match a selection of cheeses and slices of bread for an extra-special occasion.

Health and beauty

Fruit such as avocados could offer an unexpected boost to your pampering and beauty regime. Avocados can be used with other basic ingredients found online and in your fridge to create a face mask that will ensure you have the smooth and perfectly supple skin for the working week or a night out. A basic recipe would include an egg, Greek yogurt and baking soda, which can all be found by shopping online. After combining these ingredients and putting them in your nearest blender, apply to the skin and leave for up to ten minutes before rinsing with warm water. Prepare to be amazed as your skin is transformed from dull and papery to a super-soft glow. Avocado can also double up as a hair conditioner using a recipe involving oatmeal and vinegar.

School sports day

Everyone loved school sports day, right? Well, online food ordering could form the foundation for the next big event with oranges and eggs being used in a variety of wonderful ways. Egg and spoon races were the classic way to decide who was best in infant school, while fruits such as oranges, apples, and bananas can also be used for impromptu sports events and even for their nutritional value if you want everyone present to get a portion of their five-a-day. Food and sports don’t just have to be for school, though; you could organize a family event or invite friends over and indulge in some activities. If you are ordering a pizza takeaway, it could double up as a Frisbee, for example.

Arts and crafts

If you are a fan of abstract art, then there is no better way to create your latest masterpiece than with the weekly shop. Online foods such as rice, lemons and coke cans can all be stacked, arranged or thrown in a mess upon a canvas. Food is also great for crafts, so why not order in some tasty favorites over the summer holidays to create sculptures and other practical objects? You could even use green, red and orange pepper ring molds to cook your eggs sunny side up!

Board games

Sweets and packs of savory snacks could be used for games when you are in a pinch. You could even replace the pieces on a draughts board with cakes and other food you can order online for a particularly interesting and tasty evening for all the family. A few other games you could play include table-top football with sugar packets or sweet peas, Connect Four with cookies, and Jenga with carrot sticks.

Home improvement

Tired of those draughty windows and door frames? There may be a solution for you when you next do your online shopping. Bags of fruit and large vegetables could make for a unique and affordable door stop or draught excluder. Some colorful food groups can also add a touch of summer to drab kitchens and living spaces, so always look for the most eye-catching packets and boxes.

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