The worst advice we’ve ever heard about takeaway food

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People in the UK spend an average of £25 to £30 every week on fast food, so you could say we are experts on the matter, but there remains a wealth of terrible advice about takeaways across the internet. We will be looking at some of the worst statements and clearing up a few myths and secrets about takeaways, including the hot topic of fat and whether it is good for us.

Dine-in establishments have higher quality food

The old adage that eating at an expensive restaurant offers higher quality and healthier food is quickly being debunked by the rise of gourmet takeaways and other tasty fast food outlets. A study by Drexel shows that a full meal at a sit-down restaurant often contains more than a day’s worth of calories, so opting for a night on the sofa with your favourite TV show and a takeaway may not be so bad after all.

Eating fat makes you fat

For some time, there has been a misconception that fats are bad for us. Many takeaway lovers were forced to embrace tasteless salads and other health-first dishes and meals at all times, but with the rise of the mantra “eat fat to get thin”, online food ordering is now back on the menu. Of course, takeaways must be eaten in moderation, but we no longer need to take heed of some of the worst advice that a weekly Chinese, Thai, or Italian cannot be part of a balanced diet due to the perceived high levels of fat and saturated fat.

Swear off forbidden foods

The previous point lends itself to the mantra that we cannot indulge in forbidden foods and takeaways if we want to remain healthy. This black and white advice is misleading, as even long-term dieters can enjoy online food ordering according to experts. “We tend to be in ‘all or nothing’ mode when we diet and never seem to find a middle ground,” nutritionist and author, Rania Batayneh says. “You have to realize that you can’t eat pizza, French fries, and chocolate cake all in the same day, but - with careful planning - you can enjoy these foods when they are presented to you.”

Don’t eat takeaways as you may become addicted

This may possibly be the worst advice that people take on board when attempting to curb their cravings for a Burger King or a McDonald's. It has been rumoured that there are certain compounds and chemicals in fast foods that actually make them addictive; however, this is completely false, as fast food chains do not add anything of the sort to their selection of burgers, chips, or nuggets. The only way you may become addicted is if you love the convenience and taste of a takeaway.

If it has got some salad, it’s healthy

We have all made this mistake when loading up our kebabs and other takeaway meals. While adding lettuce, sliced carrots, and cabbage to your doner might be satisfying your five-a-day vegetable requirements to a certain extent, it does not negate the fact that the sauces, meats, and breads you are consuming are high in fats and sugars. We are not saying it is incredibly unhealthy, especially in moderation, but the presence of salad does not make a healthy meal by default.

Don’t eat takeaway leftovers in the morning

This one is sacrilege. A great takeaway is always ripe for consumption in the morning, whether it is left over pizza or egg fried rice. There is something about cold fast food that is satisfying and delicious, especially if you have been out for a few drinks the night before. Leftovers also make for a handy lunch or dinner too.

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