Top 6 Thai Curry Dishes you Cannot Miss

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Thai curry is a combination of coconut milk with freshly grounded spices and herbs. The fragrant and flavoured Thai curry, popularly known as kaeng, differs from typical Asian cuisines that use coconut milk.

Thai curry can be made from fresh vegetables, meat or poultry, and served with steamed rice. It also goes well with tofu. Universally, Thai curries contain fish sauce and shrimp paste. So, it may not be the best choice for vegetarians. Thai curries are generally spicy; however, if you are not fond of spicy food, request “mai pet” variety at the restaurant (meaning, non-spicy).

Thailand Food Culture

In any traditional Thai restaurant, you would find breakfast, lunch and dinner served throughout the day. People in Thailand take offence when you throw Western or Eastern tantrums. Nevertheless, Thai people prefer Thai kabo, which is a bowl of rice soup, is eaten any time, as a meal.

Here’s a list of traditional Thai dishes you must try:

  • Phanaeng: Panang curry is, the most popular of all Thai curries. It is slightly sweeter than other dishes, and higher on salt. Made of lemongrass, peanuts, shallot, shrimp paste, chilli peppers, garlic, cumin seeds, coriander roots, kaffir lime zest, and galangal, this is the most flavourful dish of Thailand. It is a typical red curry served with chicken or beef.
  • Kaeng Phet: The famous red beef curry of Thailand is a staple dish served with beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, duck, or pork. For vegetarians, the recipe includes savoury vegetables such as tofu, pumpkin, or seitan.
  • Kaeng Khiao Wan: The name of dish translates to a “sweet green curry.” It is a popular and interesting recipe of Thailand. People who have never tried Thai curries must try this one. The base flavours include coconut milk combined with chillies, fish sauce, green curry paste, palm sugar and a combination of basil and cilantro. Thai green curry is mildly sweet and is best served with rice. You can have it with roti also.
  • Kaeng Matsaman: The Massaman curry hails from Southern Thailand. Although it is less popular than red or green Thai curry, it has amazing flavours. The dish includes the flavours and aroma of cardamom and cinnamon, which makes it aromatic and satisfying. This recipe is best served with chicken over rice, but you can also try it with pork, beef, fish, or vegetable proteins.
  • Thai Golden Vegetable Curry: Options are a few when it comes to vegetarian Thai dishes. However, you can still try this exotic Golden vegetable curry, which is an authentic dish. A combination of all the flavourful Thai spices together with yellow curry powder and vegetables makes this delectable recipe. It is vegan too! Give it a try!
  • Thai Lime Leaf Chicken Curry: Anyone who loves Thai flavours would definitely like this one. Made with fresh lime leaves and juice, the Thai curry paste is loaded with flavours and aroma. The flaour of lime dominates this exotic recipe and lends a distinct flavour to this dish.


Authentic Thai cuisine is exotic, full of flavours and aroma, thick, and amazingly satiating. You can try these flavours on your next trip to Thailand or order from restaurants near you.  

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