Why Do We Eat More In Winter?

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“Winter is coming” is no more just a Game of Thrones catchphrase. Winter is literally very close. Christmas is really close. Many of us have started shopping already. It is very likely, many of us have started spending money on more food. Sounds odd? Believe me, it is not, Most of the time we are not aware of our increased craving for food when the temperature drops. But it happens.

SAD makes you crave carbs

Yes, you read it right. SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. And it has a lot to do with our varying craving for food in different times of the year. Taking refuge in cookies, pies and spicy/savoury Indian or Mexican takeaways is something many of us do when the chilly wind is too keen to touch our skin and the sun is too reluctant.

To be honest, you can overcome the SAD-ness with some effort and willingness. Try to include more fishes and lean meat (rich in omega 3 fatty acid), try whole grain products whether it is the brain, rice or even pasta. Include seasonal veggies to the meal. Also, try feasting on colorful food and munching on different types of nuts instead of crisps and fried snacks. These mentioned food are known mood boosters. Also, if you are looking for warm, sweet drinks, opt hot chocolate, make it as dark as you can take. It is not just a great mood booster, but also good for your heart.

Less Sun Outside, More Food Inside

I am not going to be a nursery rhymes writer, at least not without some skill upgrades. Anyway, let’s just get back to foods. Do you order takeaways more on dark, cold days as opposed to sunny, warm ones? If you do, then don’t feel ashamed or excluded. Most of us do the same. It is our primitive impulses acting. Since “year one”, the primary human instinct was to stockpile food, when the light became scared. Because, no sun meant no warmth and that would mean fewer flowers, therefore fewer fruits and vegetables. In other words, less food to consume. We still have those instincts and that is why we tend to consume more food on the darker days.

Too Many “Days” to Celebrate:

There are too many “holidays” and “celebrations” throughout the winter. Not to mention the “vacation trips”, family gatherings, balls, and weddings. All these occasions mean you need to go a little easy on your regular diet schedule and open up to more creamy, sweeter food items (and a lot of drinking). It is only likely you are going to eat more when you are feasting on racks of ribs and pot roasts than your usual meals of lean meat and kale.

To be honest, I think it is okay to eat up a little more during cold days, just try eating healthier stuff. And don’t hold yourself up in a party, just don’t overdo it. 

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